Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer joined Greta Van Susteren tonight on 'On The Record' to discuss Israel’s ground invasion in Gaza.

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Amb. Dermer said the army is clearing out the tunnels that Hamas fighters use to perpetrate terror attacks against Israel. He told Greta that Hamas has a manufacturing capability for weapons and still has a stockpile of rockets that they can fire.

“Israel is prepared to stop. We had a cease-fire agreement with Egypt, it was backed by the Arab League, the entire international community supported it and Hamas said no and continued to fire rockets,” he said.

The ambassador continued, “We didn’t want to go into this operation to begin with, but we are forced to defend our people, and so we’ll have to stay there as long as we can in order to achieve our objective – sustain quiet for the people of Israel.”

Hamas has run into their shelters, Amb. Dermer said, adding that civilians are being used as human shields. 

Watch the full interview above.

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