President Obama is facing scrutiny for attending two fundraisers after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 people on board.

“After Benghazi, it was off to a fundraiser. Amid the border mess, it was off to a fundraiser. After this attack – well, you see the trend,” Greg Gutfeld said today on The Five.

Gutfeld said campaigning is President Obama’s “comfort zone,” calling it the opposite of governance – which is “hard, substantial and driven by tough choices.”

“The attack shouldn’t be a chance for a blow-hard like me to jab the president, but why does he make it so easy?” he continued. “Sometimes he’s like a teen retreating to his room with his comic books.”   

Bob Beckel said that while the 2016 midterm election is crucial for Democrats, President Obama should have skipped the fundraisers.

However, Beckel went on to say, “What do people expect him to do? […] It is not the president’s job to go to the Situation Room over something he can do nothing about.”

Gutfeld asked if the president should stick to his schedule as a way to represent “business as usual” so Americans don’t panic.

Eric Bolling answered, “You know how yesterday we were supposed to be on at five o’clock, but we weren’t because something came up? […] Stuff comes up.”

He added, “[Obama’s] not playing president anymore. He’s playing future ex-president right now.”