Friday morning, Bret Michaels joined Fox and Friends live outside Fox News Headquarters in New York City for the biggest performance of the All-American Summer Concert Series yet.

Watch above as Michaels thrills the crowd with "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

Before the patriotic rocker took the stage, he shared a special message about what this country is all about and presented a gift to those who sacrifice for our freedoms.

“From myself, my Life Rocks Foundation and Petsmart, this is what we do,” Michaels said. “To be able to give $10,000 back to Canine Companions for Independence, we love them … this is what matters, right here.”

Two veterans—Capt. James Van Thach and Sgt. Sam Cila—and their new canine companions joined the show to thank Michaels for the donation. “Having Bret Michaels do this shows his human compassion and shows what makes America great,” Capt. Van Thach said.

Michaels, whose father was a veteran, reflected on performing for troops stationed overseas in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan and what it means to support our brave servicemen and women. “What an amazing, amazing experience to meet these great people," he concluded. "It truly is what keeps us free.”

Watch more below.