In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said Russian President Vladimir Putin is directly responsible for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which U.S. intelligence officials say was shot down by a missile.

O’Reilly explained that suspicion immediately fell on pro-Russian separatists, who want part of Ukraine to become part of Russia.

“The Factor” host said that Putin is supplying weapons to terrorists, so he is directly responsible.

“Russia is trying to undermine Ukraine, and it is giving weapons to killers. No question about it,” he said.

However, O’Reilly noted, “Little will happen to Putin because the West is essentially afraid of him, and he knows it.”

Meantime, the families and friends of 298 people are grieving tonight, he said.

“Is Putin grieving?”

In the video above, watch the memo, then hear James Rosen and Bret Stephens weigh in on the crash.

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