President Barack Obama was in New York City tonight to attend two fundraisers despite the Malaysia Airlines tragedy and Israel incursion into Gaza.

In the past five-and-a-half years, Obama has attended 395 fundraisers. Former President George W. Bush attended 338 in his eight years in office.

Kate Obenshain and James Carville discussed his decision to fundraise tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

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On top of the fundraising, Obenshain said Obama gave 40 seconds to the crash today during an address, then proceeded to launch into jokes. She also mentioned his photo op at the Charcoal Pit, a restaurant.

“President Obama is glad-handing, ordering burgers medium-well while the world, frankly, is falling apart in other regions, and it’s a stunning thing. Either he’s tone deaf or [...] he just doesn’t care,” she said.

Carville said he doesn’t think it’s a problem that Obama was raising money tonight, but Bill O’Reilly commented that he wouldn’t have been at a fundraiser tonight if he were the president.

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“If 23 Americans are dead, this becomes a huge story for America,” O’Reilly said of the crashed jetliner.

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