John Huddy and David Lee Miller are reporting live from Israel and Gaza for Fox News.

Huddy, who is in Gaza City, has just reported that an additional 18,000 reserve troops have been called up, bringing the total number of reservists on ground infantry to 58,000 amassed along the border.

“This is the day that we were all anticipating – the day that the ground invasion started,” he said.

Huddy reported that he had been seeing heavy artillery fire to the north and to the east, missile strikes along the way, and massive bulldozers digging out the tunnels that Hamas uses to attempt to infiltrate Israel.

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Israel Defense Forces tweeted:

David Lee Miller, who is about 200 yards from the Israel/Gaza border, explained that we are seeing the first few hours of what will likely be a limited ground incursion into Gaza. He said it is “highly unlikely” that Israelis will attempt to retake all of Gaza.

Instead, he said Israel is trying to dismantle the tunnels that "pose a serious threat to Israel."

Israeli forces could be in Gaza for the next week to 10 days, if this is the limited operation that analysts predict.

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