A shocking new report from Breitbart.com says an ad is offering more than $6,000 a month to people willing to house illegal immigrant minors in Murrieta, Calif.

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An ad placed in the Penny Saver Newspaper in Murrieta, California is seeking "loving, compassionate parents to provide a loving home" for illegal immigrant minors, according to a local reader of the publication. 

Lisa Maloney Vinton, a Murrieta resident, provided Breitbart Texas with a purported copy of the advertisement, which was put up by the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency. It says, "Help heal the wounds ... for children in foster care programs including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors." 

Parents who offer up their homes could have a child placed in their home in "as short as 45 days" and be paid up to $6,054 per month, according to the advertisement. 

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Breitbart.com’s Kristin Tate was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss the report.

“The feds are now doling out child support payments,” she said, explaining that they’ve enlisted the help of Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency in Murrieta, Calif.

The agency told Tate that individuals who offer up their homes to illegal immigrant children can make more than $6,000 per month, and that all a person needs is a driver’s license and a room with furniture in it.

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“They’re handing out money like candy like they always do,” she said of the federal government.

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