FX’s new drama, “Tyrant,” is sparking controversy over the portrayal of Arab Muslim culture.

Eric Bolling is a fan of the show, but he said that Ibrahim Hooper, of CAIR, has a problem with the new series.

“In ‘Tyrant,’ Arab Muslim culture is devoid of any redeeming qualities and is represented by terrorists, murderous children, rapists, corrupt billionaires, and powerless female victims. In ‘Tyrant,’ even the ‘good’ Arab Muslims are bad,” Hooper said.

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Dana Perino asked if Hooper has ever complained about anti-American propaganda in the Islamic world.

Bob Beckel agreed, saying that the U.S. has to put up with despicable, anti-Western dialogue that comes out of the Muslim countries, while CAIR is upset by one TV show.

“In the entertainment industry, reality, reality is considered insensitive. Anytime you approach a fact, it’s mean,” Greg Gutfeld said.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle said CAIR should stop focusing on the show it hasn’t watched when it could be taking a strong stance on jihadists and terrorism across the world.

“They could do so much good with the voice that they have, and I wish they would,” she said.

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