Fired New York Times Editor Jill Abramson went “On The Record” this evening to discuss her termination and the secrecy of the Obama administration.

"I've never dealt with an administration where more officials...demand that everything be off the record,” she said. She noted that the Obama administration is “profoundly different” than past administrations in that sense.”

Abramson said that she was fired for her management style, and that it was tough to be terminated.

Hypocritical? NY Times Reportedly Fires Editor After She Asked for Equal Pay

"It's mighty strange from going one day being an editor of stories to being the story,” she said.

Abramson noted that “women in leadership roles are scrutinized constantly and sometimes differently than men.”

She said that as executive editor, she loved the New York Times, and after she was fired, that didn’t change.

NY Times Editor: Obama Admin the 'Most Secretive WH I've Ever Covered'

Greta Van Susteren asked Abramson about criticism that the New York Times is liberal.

“The Times plays it straight, it just does,” she said.

Watch the full interview above.