President Obama is facing backlash from lawmakers in his own party over illegal immigration. The Washington Post reported today that only 33 percent of Americans support the administration’s handling of the border crisis.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Democratic Congressman Ron Barber (AZ) said Washington, D.C. has ignored the problem for too long. He said the people he represents are pushing for a secure border.

“The people I represent in southern Arizona, and I have 83 miles of the border with Mexico – don't feel secure, don't feel safe in their homes,” he said. 

Rep. Barber is backing legislation proposed by other border-state lawmakers that’s aimed at reducing the influx of Central American children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. He noted that it’s not the job of Border Patrol agents to spend time caring for exploited kids, adding that the “strategy is wrong.”

The congressman said, “Until that's done, the border isn't secure from my perspective. So that's what this bill is about in terms of the latest crisis, getting a handle on this situation, solving the problem once and for all that we haven't solved in many, many months and years.”