Bill O’Reilly tonight sounded off on the illegal immigration problem, citing a new Gallup poll that found 17 percent of respondents believe illegal immigration is the nation’s top problem. That’s up from 3 percent in January.

“It is long past time for Washington to secure the southern border. Everybody knows that. We’ve been lied to for years, and both parties are responsible,” O’Reilly said.

The intelligence arm of the DEA recently interviewed 230 illegal aliens and found that 219 of them believe illegal immigrants are coming to the U.S. because they think they can stay.

O’Reilly: Huge Influx of Foreign Children Will Hurt Americans

“The Factor” host said that President Barack Obama is the main culprit in this crisis, and it’s time for him to fix the problem. O’Reilly stressed that there’s very little leadership coming from the White House or Congress on almost every issue.

“Because of that, America is now drifting into a very dangerous territory,” he said.

O’Reilly concluded, “Americans have got to make their disenchantment loud and clear by directly contacting senators and representatives and by voting in November. Let’s throw the bums out.”

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