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A new dating site,, uses a DNA testing kit to help pair people up with the perfect genetic match. The 'Outnumbered' hosts discussed if your genes hold the answer to your love life.

Bila acknowledged that dating can be extremely difficult and that a service like this could be useful for singles. The other hosts, for the most part, had concerns about the process of submitting DNA to the dating site—done by mailing in a saliva sample—and the potential dangers of sharing one's genetic information.

“I’m hesitant to use my credit card online now for fear of people invading my life," Smith pointed out. "I’m going to pay someone to take my DNA, and I don’t know where it’s going or what it’s being used for?”

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A new study from the University of North Carolina says that "men in traditional marriages—married to women who are not employed—disfavor women in the workplace and are more likely than the average of all married men to make decisions that prevent the advancement of qualified women.”

While Carlson characterized the study as more propaganda designed to attack the institution of the traditional family, Faulkner noted, “I’ve never experienced (sexism) based on a man being married. If somebody is going to mistreat you, it generally has to do with you and that person and something they might want from you.”

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