Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is returning to active duty at a Texas military base, just weeks after the controversial prisoner swap for his release from Taliban captivity. He may also be eligible for $350K in back pay. 

Soldier Who Took Part Bergdahl Search: 'He Is a Deserter'

Last night on The Kelly File, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said Bergdahl’s administrative job is a “joke.”

“The Protocol Office? Give me a break,” Peters said. “They’re afraid to put him back at a combat arms place like Fort Hood or Fort Bliss ‘cause frankly, he’d get the crap beat out of him. He is despised.”

Despite that, Peters said Bergdahl isn’t the real issue at hand.

“The issue is that we’re on the verge of establishing a precedent, that desertion in the face of the enemy is no big deal.”

Peters said the ultimate proof against Bergdahl is that his own comrades turned against him. He also stressed that wounded soldiers and families of the fallen soldiers deserve more respect and benefits than Bergdahl. 

“In no time in the history of our military, or any other military, was an alleged deserter treated so well," he said.