Iran says it would agree to freeze its nuclear weapons program but will not destroy it. In return, it expects release from all sanctions.

“In the longer run, this is the most serious threat to the West,” Charles Krauthammer said of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He said that Iran is the leading sponsor of terror in the world, and the nation is openly developing intercontinental missiles, which can only be for one reason: to hit the U.S.

"It is on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power," he said.

Iran Using Iraqi Prime Minister as a Puppet in Quest for Nuclear Bomb?

Krauthammer explained that Israelis are the most directly threatened by Iran. He said it would only take three missiles “to destroy all of Israel in an afternoon.”

“If they decided to go for a weapon, they would have it in six months,” he said of Iran.

Krauthammer said that President Barack Obama is “unserious enough about denying Iran a nuclear weapon” to accept a bad deal, and he said the press will allow him to do it.

PM Netanyahu: Israel to Take ‘Whatever Military Means’ Necessary to Stop Hamas

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