Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is returning to active duty just weeks after he was released from five years in Taliban captivity. Despite an ongoing investigation into his 2009 disappearance, Bergdahl will do administrative work at a military base in San Antonio, Texas. He may also receive $350K tax-free dollars if he is officially cleared by the Army and deemed to have been a prisoner of war.

Several of Bergdahl’s platoon mates have called him a deserter, claiming he walked off the base in Afghanistan and left his fellow soldiers behind.

Peters: Bergdahl's Military Desk Job Is a 'Joke'

Retired Army Sgt. Jordan Vaughn went on about 50 missions to search for Bergdahl. This morning on Fox and Friends, Sgt. Vaughn told Peter Johnson Jr. that he believes Bergdahl is “absolutely” a deserter.

“There’s still a dubious nature behind his disappearance,” he said. “At best, it was stupidity and incompetence. At worst, it was something a little more nefarious. “

Sgt. Vaughn believes it’s the White House’s intention to make this story go away. He said it’s a “joke” that Bergdahl could receive back pay.

“I think that Bergdahl is an absolute disgrace to America. You can’t even compare him to soldiers that gave their lives in the field of combat for America,” he said, adding, "He belongs in shackles for what he did."

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