Last night, more evidence was presented against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as a whistleblower testified that VA employees were incentivized and encouraged to mishandle veterans’ claims.

On today’s Your World, Stuart Varney and Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the damning testimony, and Napolitano called for a special prosecutor to be called in.

“This is the destruction of property that the statutes require the government to retain,” Napolitano said. “It’s a criminal event. The level of criminality depends upon what the destroyer knew at time he destroyed it or ordered it destroyed. Did they know there was an (VA) Inspector General investigation coming? If so … it’s obstruction of justice, which can be 20 years for the person who ordered it.”

Napolitano pointed out that the issues with the VA cut both ways and not only has the culture of government harmed veterans, it’s also given some benefits to which they haven’t been entitled.

“This is a quintessential mess,” stated Napolitano. “What this shows is that government is institutionally unequipped and ill-equipped to manage healthcare.”

 “We have an indifferent and arrogant president who simply doesn’t care. We have an attorney general who knows he’s bulletproof. These people are not going to investigate their own. They’re just going to sweep it under the rug and lay it in the lap of whoever succeeds Barack Obama two-and-a-half years from now.”

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