With President Barack Obama receiving criticism across the board for his lack of transparency, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest doubled down and stood by the claim that Obama’s administration is “the most transparent in history.”

Today on America’s Newsroom, Jessica Ehrlich and Katie Pavlich discussed Earnest’s controversial  interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” during which he stated, “I have a responsibility in this job to help the president live up to his commitment to be the most transparent president in history.”

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A former Democratic congressional candidate, Ehrlich acknowledged widespread dissatisfaction with Obama’s lack of openness, both within the Democratic Party and across the country, but remained hopeful “that in the next two years we’ll see more transparency.”

Pavlich, a Fox News contributor, cited a recent Political Magazine survey that found that half of White House correspondents and reporters believed the administration had lied to them, in addition to a recent letter from multiple journalism organizations, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, calling out the Obama administration on a lack of access.

“They’ve done the opposite of what Josh Earnest has said,” Pavlich stated.  “Barack Obama is not transparent. The White House is not transparent. We’re six years into this and I doubt that with the two years left, we’re going to see any more transparency than we’ve already seen.”

Pavlich then suggested that the Obama administration is trying to focus on happy stories and “sunshine,” as opposed to answering the tough questions, while Ehrlich raised a fear that many share: “What concerns me is that we’re not really going to see the level of communication that the American people want.”

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