Greta Van Susteren spoke to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the United States Marine who has been held in a Mexican prison for two months. The 25-year-old claims that he mistakenly crossed the San Diego border into Mexico.

Sgt. Tahmooressi said he didn’t expect to go home after his court hearing on July 9. “I was looking at the translator and nothing was getting translated back to the judge,” he said.  “The judge was still staring at me to see by my body language and my voice and stuff to see if I was telling the truth or not, and I would see him in the corner of my eyes staring at me knowing that he was examining me which didn’t make me feel very comfortable.”

Tahmooressi described how his PTSD led him to exhibit troubling behavior.  He sought help at a San Diego VA hospital.  He told Greta that he would cope by drinking which led to arguments with his family. 

“I wasn’t being the best son I could be or the best brother I could be because of all the stress I was going through,” he said of his mental state. “I was tearing myself away from my family and I was using substances to try to ease the pain.”

The ordeal has brought the family closer together and Tahmooressi added that he’s on “better terms” with his family.  Jill Tahmooressi said her son’s PTSD isn’t going to get cured by staying in Mexican jail.

“He thought he was prey, that he was being hunted. He doesn’t have those triggers in a Mexican jail,” she said, adding, "His PTSD is not resolved in a Mexican jail. He needs to get back into America so he can get the help that he needs.”