In part one of an emotional story on ‘My America with Elisabeth Hasselbeck,’ we heard the story of Chris Lambert, the spotter for NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin.

Lambert has spent his career watching other people’s backs, making sure they drive across the finish line safely.

“Our number one goal is […] trying to keep them safe. But we’re punching bags when they want to vent. We’re psychologists when they need to be talked to. We’re information givers at all times. We’re really their eyes outside of the race car,” he said.

Growing up, Lambert’s life seemed mapped out ahead of him. After meeting Haley at a JV football game, they formed an unbreakable bond. Upon graduating, they were married and had a son, Austin.

But while Lambert was watching out for others, it appeared no one was looking out for him. Then on October 16, 1999, everything was taken away from him.

Lambert recalled, “One of the last good memories of that day was when I was leaving the driveway, I just happened to look back and saw [Austin] standing in the doorway, you know, just looking at me leave. And that memory is embedded in my head forever.”

In the midst of an unbearable tragedy, there was a light.

Watch part one above and click here to see part two.

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