A new Reason-Rupe poll found that millennials like free markets and are social liberals but fiscal centrists.

According to the poll, they don’t trust either party to handle 12 of 15 issues, particularly privacy, government spending and the budget deficit.

The poll found that 73 percent favor private accounts for Social Security, 59 percent believe cutting taxes would help the economy, and 57 percent prefer smaller government with fewer services and low taxes. However, 69 percent believe the government should provide everyone with health insurance, and 68 percent say the government should ensure that everyone makes a living wage. Of those polled, 66 percent say raising taxes on the wealthy would help the economy.

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Reason polling director Emily Ekins discussed the study today on America’s News Headquarters.

“What they want is they want government to care for the poor and the disadvantaged,” she said. “I think most Americans agree to some level of a social safety net. However when millennials find out that they will be responsible for paying more for health care or they will be responsible for paying high taxes, we often see their support for large government flipped, and they look a lot like older Americans in that they like small government providing fewer services with low taxes.”

Learn more in the video above.

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