Faith and food converged for one Louisiana line cook when he said the eggplant he was prepping had a special message inside of it.

Jermarcus Brady, a line cook at Gino’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge, said it was just a normal day of slicing eggplant when he found "GOD" spelled out in seeds. He said he had to show someone immediately because he didn’t believe his eyes.

Today on “Fox and Friends,” Ainsley Earhardt asked Brady why he thinks he received this message.

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“Probably because I pray and ask for a lot of direction, and also I guess because he knew that I would actually send this out to the world and share it,” he told her.

Brady said he has had a lot of struggles. He has been evicted in the past, and he said things have been tough since the grandparents who raised him have passed away. He also said he has four kids and that it can be hard getting the bills paid and keeping them clothed.

Of the message, he said, “It helps a lot, way more than anything because now I see that this really is the only thing I can depend on."

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Watch his interview above.