A North Carolina community is mourning the loss of a beloved guidance counselor after she was found murdered in her apartment.

Newly released footage shows 31-year-old Maggie Daniels leaving Wal-Mart on June 27, just one day before she was found dead. Authorities have not yet released a cause of death, even though an autopsy has been completed.

Newton-Conover City Schools Superintendent David Stegall was on “Fox and Friends” to discuss the latest.

Stegall said that authorities have not released much information, and the school district has been “pulling together as a community to try to make sense of this.”

“At this point we’re really just focusing on picking up the pieces and supporting each other and remembering the person that she was and the impact she made on our community and just trusting that this will be resolved in a timely manner,” he said.

Stegall described Daniels as “one of the most engaging people you’ve ever met.” He said she was teacher of the year for her school, and then later for the entire district.

Daniels had been an English teacher, and students would often come to her for advice, which inspired her to go back to school so that she could become a guidance counselor. She had been a counselor for the past year.

“I never met anyone who didn’t feel uplifted by her. She’s just a positive person, great coach, great teacher,” Stegall said, describing her death as leaving “a huge void for [the] district.”