The mother of the Georgia toddler who was left to die in a hot car has hired a lawyer as her husband faces murder and child cruelty charges.

Justin Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son Cooper in his SUV for several hours while he was at work. After his first appearance in court, detectives revealed that Harris was sexting six women including on the day of his son’s death.

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He and his wife, Leanna Harris, admitted to searching about hot car deaths online.

While in the interrogation room, detectives overheard Leanna asking husband if he said “too much.”

The medical examiner’s office found the toddler had no medications or sedatives in his system when he died.

Meanwhile, PayPal announced it will refund money to people who donated to the Harris family. They were given more than $22K before the shocking details started flooding in.

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On Shepard Smith Reporting, criminal defense attorney Philip Holloway said the public shouldn’t read into the fact that the mother hired a lawyer.

Holloway said, “Whether she’s innocent, whether she’s guilty, she needs a lawyer. I’ve had plenty of people who were innocent, who were simply under investigation [who] have hired me if for no other reason than to explain the process to them.”