In a Hannity investigation, Sean traveled to the Texas border where there has been an influx of illegal immigrants, including many children into the United States.

Exclusive Look: Hannity Tours the Texas Border With Gov. Perry

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke to Sean about President Obama not visiting the border during his trip to Texas.

“You remember the abuse that President Bush took when that picture came to light of him looking out the window of the plane down at New Orleans after Katrina?  Well, this president won’t even look out the window, but it sounds like he went back and got his spokespeople, Bush’s spokespeople’s explanations as to why he wasn’t down there and they’re recycling the same explanations.”

He said Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano "helped create situation that we’re in now," by not implementing U.S. border plan.

Rep. Gohmert said he can’t “imagine” Congress giving him $3.7 billion dollars to deal with the problem.

“With 57,000 children that have come in, he needs $67,000 per child? Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. I know a lot of people that will take them back personally to their homes for only a fraction," he said.

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