Should the National Guard be deployed to the Mexican border to help stop the influx of illegal immigrants? That's the debate among lawmakers in Washington, and this morning on America's Newsroom, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said that would be "a good start."

Kinzinger, who served in Iraq as an Air National Guardsman, pointed out that the deployment worked in 2006 when President Bush sent National Guard troops to help secure the border.

Kinzinger said it would be a "short-term stopgap" to a crisis that President Obama has created, explaining that Guard members can alleviate the Border Patrol from other duties so they can get back to their job.

He said drug cartels are operating with "impunity" on the border right now because so many Border Patrol agents are dealing with the influx of unaccompanied children.

"Ultimately, the president has to step up and say we need a real border solution," Kinzinger argued, repeating that Republicans want a border security plan before agreeing to other immigration reform measures.

Bill Hemmer noted that in a meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the president said he'd consider the idea of deploying the National Guard.

"Look, I've heard a lot of things this president has said with hopeful optimism that has only let me down. So if he does and he's serious about protecting the border, then great, but I'm not holding my breath," Kinzinger said.

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