Do you want to track your significant other’s every move, text and phone call? We were surprised to hear on Outnumbered that there’s an app for that!

Invasion of Privacy? App Matches Strangers’ Photos to Their Online Profiles

The app called “mCouple” can be installed secretly on your partner’s phone and never appears in their app list. It shows virtually everything a user does – from Facebook messages to GPS coordinates – without the targeted person ever knowing.

Jedediah Bila’s initial response was “if you feel inclined to do something like this for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife – you’re probably with the wrong partner if you’re that suspicious.”

“I would say go with your gut feeling… confront the person. I don’t know what would be worse, if then you found out your spouse wasn’t doing anything, then all of a sudden you’re the villain because you’re the one who has been invading your spouse’s or significant other’s privacy,” Sandra Smith responded.

But what happens if you do find something?

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Harris Faulkner said she didn’t want to encourage this behavior, and that she has a “real sensitivity to people digging into other people’s lives without permission.”

Friday’s #OneLuckyGuy, Charles Payne, advised people to be careful, “because sometimes you may find out what you don’t want to find out.”

What do you think about the secret app? Would you use it? Sound off in the comments below. 

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