Tonight on On The Record, Donald Trump blasted President Obama’s request for $3.7 billion dollars to deal with the border crisis.

Trump called the situation a humanitarian problem, and said it’s “ridiculous” that the United States has an open border.

“What’s going on is absolutely insane for this country and we owe, as you know, $17 trillion dollars, Greta. $17 trillion – we can’t afford this. They’re only there because of the fact that we’re saying ‘welcome, come in.’ And it’s not a good situation,” he said.

Trump said President Obama’s immigration policy is “grossly incompetent,” but perhaps there’s a political strategy behind it.

“As the people come in, as they acclimate over the years they become citizens [...] he’s probably going to make them all citizens. They’re going to vote Democratic, so maybe there’s method behind the madness,” he said, adding, “But it is a total disaster and it’s a real problem for this country.”