The violence between Israel and the terrorist group, Hamas, is increasing daily. The Israelis claim Hamas has launched 600 rocket attacks in recent days. Meanwhile, new video reportedly shows Palestinian protesters throwing Molotov cocktails down on Israeli defense forces.

Fox News has reported that the White House said President Obama contacted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday offering to help negotiate a ceasefire. Netanyahu has stated that he will end Israel’s military offensive when “our goals are realized.”

Tonight on The Kelly File, Charles Krauthammer said Israel’s objective is to degrade the capacity of Hamas and knock out as many rockets and operatives as possible.

He told Megyn that Netanyahu does not want to be dragged into a war and distracted from the threat of Iran’s nuclear program.

“They will do a ground invasion if they can’t succeed from the air. I don’t believe if it happens, it’s going to be trying to overrun Gaza or take it over,” Krauthammer assessed.