Governor Rick Perry met with President Obama this week in Texas about the immigration crisis. During his visit, the president did not travel to the border and was criticized for using the meeting as a “photo-op.”

In a sit-down interview with Sean Hannity, Gov. Perry said it was appropriate for him to meet with the president.

Exclusive Look: Hannity Tours the Texas Border With Gov. Perry

However, he said, “We’ve got some serious issues we need to talk about and I tried to reach out to him. […] With all due respect, I really don’t want to [go] to the airport, be used for a photo-op and shake hands and then leave.”

Gov. Perry said President Obama agreed to have a comprehensive discussion about the crisis. He also spoke about leadership and said the president can make a difference by putting the National Guard at the border.  

“This issue with the unaccompanied alien children can be very quickly addressed from the standpoint of stanching the flow by putting those [National Guard] troops on the border along with the Border Patrol and other law enforcement individuals. That type of action by the president, number one, will help him out substantially with the optics and the reality of what’s going on, […] but he needs to act.”

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