Former IRS official Lois Lerner is at the center of the IRS targeting scandal. In a heated House Oversight Committee hearing this week, lawmakers took on the agency over Lerner’s missing emails.

On Thursday, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) filed a resolution calling for Congress to arrest Lerner since the Obama administration has not prosecuted her.

Tonight in a Kelly File exclusive, Stockman told Megyn that grounds for arrest are similar to people who have contempt citations.

He explained, “It would be a simple majority in the House because it is a House issue of contempt, and the Senate and the president can’t veto it or interfere. And under the orders of the House, she would be arrested and brought to a jail.”

Stockman maintains that Lerner’s history goes back to claims that she targeted conservatives while working at the Federal Election Commission.

Critics say that Stockman is pushing it too far and should let the process play out.

“This is a farce and we have to take real action,” he said. “I get frustrated just watching this thing constantly going on in which the president says there isn’t anything illegal happening. That’s just simply not what I see is happening in front of me.”

Megyn also spoke to Cleta Mitchell, the attorney representing Tea Party groups who claim they were targeted by the IRS. Watch that interview below.