A pro-life activist came under attack on the street in Columbus, Ohio and it was all caught on camera. Victoria Duran, who confronted the anti-abortion group called “Created Equal,” later claimed she was defending herself and the protesters had no right to film her.

Mark Harrington, the executive director of “Created Equal,” and Seth Drayer, director of training, joined Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends to discuss the attack.

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“I was leading our team of interns downtown creating conversation and I heard her yelling at Ian," Drayer said. "So I approached with my camera at a distance to document what was happening. After shouting in his face, she knocked over a sign, turned to me and slapped my hand with the camera away… she later shoved me into a stationary bus nearby."

Duran was eventually stopped by police and charged with assault.

Duran defended her actions saying, “the First Amendment protects them from government interference. It doesn’t protect them from people just basically telling them ‘they’re idiots.’ Assault? I wouldn’t necessarily say shoving someone aside and telling them to keep the camera out of my face is assault."

“The government has the obligation to protect speech and she doesn’t understand that the First Amendment doesn’t protect her rights to interfere with our right to free speech, so that’s the problem," director Mark Harrington said.

She is set to be arraigned next Wednesday, but Harrington said the group is willing to drop the charges if Duran just apologizes. 

Watch the confrontation and interview above.

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