A Texas father-to-be found a way to capture a moment that not many people get to relive. When his wife, Kristin, went into labor late last month, Troy Dickerson used a mounted GoPro camera to film their high-speed rush to a Texas hospital.

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As his wife screamed in pain, Dickerson reached speeds of 95 mph on his way to a Houston hospital.

They barely made it. Kristin, who was supposed to be induced the next day, can be heard in the video refusing to sit in a wheelchair because she could feel the baby already coming out.

She was standing as she delivered baby Truett, who was literally caught by her husband and hospital staff right outside the hospital.

According to ABC News, Dickerson had recorded the births of the couple's first two children and decided to strap his GoPro to his head when they took off for the hospital in the wee hours of the morning.

Watch the extraordinary scene in the Youtube video (censored) below.

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