President Obama is being criticized by Republicans and some Democrats for not visiting the border during his trip to Texas. In Dallas on Wednesday, the president spoke about the immigration crisis.

“This isn’t theater. This is a problem. I’m not interested in photo-ops. I’m interested in solving the problem,” President Obama said.

In response, Greg Gutfeld delivered a poem about the “photo-op president” during his monologue on The Five. 

“I’m not interested in photo-ops says the man in retreat. There are no more pictures when the world has you beat. The border, Iraq, the Middle East on fire. There are no photo-ops when slogged in the mire. The economy, the VA, the IRS on trial, and yet here you are aloof and a smile. No more halos overhead, no more leaders to greet, no more athletes to hug, no Bergdahls to meet. Shooting pool as Rome burns, an insidious flop. At least for once that’s a true photo-op.”

Check out Gutfeld's entire monologue in the clip above.