Donald Trump went “On The Record” tonight, where he blasted President Barack Obama for not doing enough to help Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is being held in Mexico.

Trump said the Marine is being treated very badly and that he probably just made a wrong turn.

'Please Get Me Out of Here’: Marine Jailed in Mexico Goes ‘On The Record’

'OTR' Exclusive: U.S. Marine Tells Harrowing Story of His Arrest, Imprisonment in Mexico

“With all the billions and billions of dollars that we send down Mexico's way with our companies and everything else and tourism, that we don’t have a president that can call and say, ‘Let him out and let him out now’ is hard to believe.”

Trump slammed the “gross incompetence” of our leadership and said Obama fought so hard for a deserter, yet won’t fight for Tahmooressi, who Trump said “did a good job in the Marines.”

Watch the full interview above.