Yesterday, President Barack Obama was in Colorado to raise money, and he was seen drinking beer and playing pool. Today, he arrived in Texas for more fundraising, but refused to go to the border.

“Let’s see, possible war in the Middle East, a humanitarian disaster on the border, and Barack Obama is socializing? Not good,” Bill O’Reilly said in tonight’s Talking Points Memo.

Instead of visiting the border, Obama met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Shortly thereafter, he addressed the nation, blaming the House for failing to deal with the issue and not passing a comprehensive immigration law.

‘The Consequences Are Horrendous’: McCain Talks Immigration, Blasts Lack of U.S. Leadership

“Stop the bleeding, Mr. President,” O’Reilly urged. “Protect the poor kids who are being exploited.”

“The Factor” host said that the harsh truth is that America can’t assimilate the oppressed population of the world.

“Our own poor children are getting short-changed because of the billions of dollars the government is spending trying to provide social justice for the rest of the world," he said.

Obama on Immigration: GOP Should 'Rediscover the Concept of Negotiation & Compromise'

While Americans should do what they can to help the world’s poor, O’Reilly said, “creating huge social and economic problems inside our own country is irresponsible and un-American. Period.”

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