President Barack Obama this evening addressed the illegal immigration crisis while in Texas.

Obama said that Congress has the capacity to work with the administration, state and local officials, as well as faith-based groups in order to address this situation directly. He also said the House of Representatives should pass legislation to fix the broken immigration system.

According to Obama, there aren’t enough judges or attorneys to process illegal immigrants more quickly, but he said this issue predates his administration.

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The president also said that his conversation with Texas Gov. Rick Perry was constructive.

“What I emphasized to the governor was: the problem here is not major disagreement around the actions that could be helpful in dealing with the problem. The challenge is: is Congress prepared to act to put the resources in place to get this done? Another way of putting it, and I said this directly to the governor, is: are folks more interested in politics than solving the problem? If they're interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved. If the preference is for politics, then it won't be solved,” Obama said.

“It would be useful for my Republican friends to rediscover the concept of negotiation and compromise,” he said.