A West Virginia military wife and mom of three is speaking out after finding herself on the receiving end of some ugly attacks on social media for her conservative beliefs.

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Holly Fisher drew scorn from left-wing opponents on Twitter when she posted a photo of herself wearing a pro-life shirt in front of a Hobby Lobby store and another on July 4th in which she was holding a gun and Bible in front of the American flag.

The latter photo was turned into a meme in which Fisher was likened to an Islamic terrorist.

Fisher discussed the disturbing attacks, including one appalling message that targeted her baby. After she complained that due to ObamaCare, she had lost her baby's cardiologist, someone on Twitter responded, "Good, I'm glad she did. One less conservative underling to worry about. Have a nice life."

"It's sad that someone who disagrees with you would wish death upon a baby. I can take the criticism upon myself, I know that's gonna happen. But for anyone to go so low as to wish death upon a baby, especially people who claim I'm intolerant and I'm hateful because I disagree with them? It's just shocking," said Fisher, who added she wants to encourage other conservatives to stand up for their beliefs.

Another tweet to Fisher asked her to "fly on down to Florida so we could stone you to death." Fisher said she doesn't understand why the Fourth of July photo generated so much backlash.

"It's America's founding principles. That's all that's in the picture," said Fisher, adding she has noticed a "growing intolerance" from the left toward conservatives in recent years.

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