Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was on “The Factor” this evening, where Bill O’Reilly asked him if he believes President Barack Obama is incompetent.

“I think he’s having great difficulty in his presidency, and I think the polls reflect that as the American people. But I’m not sure the word is incompetent as it is naïve, naïve in not understanding the leadership role that the United States of America has to play in the world, and when the United States withdraws, bad people fill the vacuum,” McCain said.

The Arizona senator said he has never seen so much turmoil in the world as he does today.

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“I have never encompassed and never imagined that […] there would be such a lack of positive American leadership, and the consequences are horrendous,” he said.

McCain said that the immigration crisis will not stop until the U.S. starts sending planes full of children back home.

O’Reilly told McCain he is getting tired of watching Obama do absolutely nothing on important issues.

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