An awesome story on Fox and Friends this morning as a video of a two-year-old boy's first steps on prosthetics has been going viral. Kayden Kinckle and his parents sat down with Anna Kooiman (actually Kayden wanted no part of sitting) to go over their amazing story.

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At her first ultrasound a few years ago, Nikki Kinckle was actually advised to terminate her pregnancy because Kayden was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Omphalocele. The disorder causes the organs to grow outside the body in the womb and in January, doctors had to amputate Kayden's left leg and right foot due to complications at birth.

It's been a tough road for the New Jersey family, but they said this morning that it's all worth it now as they watch their son defy the odds.

"We're just blessed, really blessed," said his father Kevin. "We believe he has a heart of gold and he's on fire. Whatever he has his mind set out to do, we're definitely going to support him."

Nikki said it's been tough financially on the family, but she just wants her son to have a normal life and be able to be a "normal kid."

Watch Kayden's extraordinary story above.

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