The Obama administration is reportedly limiting the media and lawmakers' access to immigration facilities.

Today on America’s Newsroom a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), said he was rejected on July 1st from visiting an immigration center.

He was told to come back for the media day on July 12th, during which recording devices are banned, questions aren’t permitted unless through email, and talking to the staff, children and medical personnel are off limits. Photos aren’t allowed, but handout pictures will be sent after the tour.

Rep. Bridenstine told Bill Hemmer that a number of media outlets in Oklahoma are refusing to attend due to the restrictions.  

“This is not what we expect in the United States of America, and certainly the media here needs to stand up for itself,” he said.

Hemmer asked whether the Obama administration is trying to protect the children who are here illegally, or whether it’s hiding something.

Rep. Bridenstine noted that Congress and the press should be allowed to talk to the staff and childcare providers. “Why can’t we hear the stories of the people who are suffering in these facilities?”

He added, “When a representative of the people wants to show up at one of these facilities, we shouldn’t be rejected or turned away seemingly for political purposes.”