President Obama is being called on to visit the Mexican border, including by a member of his own party. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) made headlines for saying he hopes the border crisis doesn't become Obama's "Katrina moment," recalling criticism of President Bush for not doing more in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane.

Cuellar joined Fox and Friends this morning (watch above), saying the administration has tried to stop him from speaking out on this issue. Brian Kilmeade asked whether Cuellar has gotten "angry" calls from the White House after he started criticizing the president's decision not to visit the border on his trip to Texas.

"Yes I have [gotten calls]. But let me just say this. I'm more concerned not about who gets angry with me at the White House, I'm more concerned about my constituents," he said, refusing to identify who contacted him or what was discussed.

Cuellar said if Obama wants to fix the mess at the border he needs to go there and talk to Border Patrol agents who are seeing what is going on. He doesn't believe today's roundtable meeting 500 miles away - which includes Republican Gov. Rick Perry - will do much to solve the problems.

"He can get on Air Force One, be there in half an hour, stop traffic going down there, and he can be down there right after he finishes his fundraising," said Cuellar, adding that the border crisis represents the "perfect time" for the president to act quickly using an executive order.

Some have called on Obama to give Border Patrol agents more flexibility to deal with illegal immigrants who are fleeing from countries other than Mexico.

Cuellar also spoke out last night on The Kelly File. Watch that interview below.