Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss President Barack Obama’s decision not to go to the border while in Texas.

“The cynicism of President Obama seems to know no bounds,” Cruz said. “He is in Texas tonight, he’s going to two major fundraisers where he wants to be with wealthy Democratic donors, but apparently he doesn’t have time to actually go and see the border, he doesn’t have time to see the children who are suffering because of his failed policies.”

Cruz said that playing pool seems to be more important to the president than seeing the humanitarian crisis that Obama has created.

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The Texas senator said that tens of thousands of children are crossing the border in the custody of violent drug dealers due to Obama’s lawlessness. He said the president has no intention of correcting or changing this.

Cruz called Obama an “absentee president” who is not focused on the people “who are paying the cost for his failed policies.”

“For President Obama, it’s all politics all the time,” he said.

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