The first store in Washington State to legally sell marijuana for recreational purposes is opening its doors today.

Fox News’ Dan Springer reported that there will be more than 300 pot retail stores throughout the state. Shop owners are hoping regulations will be effective.

Amber McGowan from Cannabis City said, “It is a gamble for us as well. If the federal government steps in and says no more, then the amount of money we’ve invested into this business is unfortunately for nothing.”

Springer reported that there are people who worry legalization for recreational use will lead to more drug abuse. Since 2012, hospitals saw more adults in emergency rooms for getting sick after eating marijuana-laced food.

The roads also appear less safe. Before legalization, the percentage of drivers testing positive for marijuana was about 28 percent. In 2013, that number jumped to 40 percent.

Voters in Alaska and possibly Oregon will be the next to decide on legalization in the fall.