President Barack Obama today asked for nearly $4 billion to deal with the crisis on the Texas-Mexico border and intends to use the money to place more judges at the border, build more detention centers and hire more border patrol agents.

“The Factor” host said that throwing money at this problem won’t work. He said that if the president doesn’t move the National Guard down there, “the rest is smoke and mirrors.”

O’Reilly thinks Obama just wants the problem to go away, but doesn’t really want to solve it.

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Southern Border is a Sieve’

O’Reilly said that Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi believes that we’re all Americans in this hemisphere, so everyone should be able to come into the U.S.

“This woman is off-the-chart loopy, is she not? If Mrs. Pelosi knew anything, which she apparently doesn’t, she would know that the United States simply cannot afford to absorb millions of uneducated people,” O’Reilly said.

According to O’Reilly, the Obama administration is letting millions into this country without the skills to compete in America, creating an underclass. He said the unintended consequences of illegal immigration are staggering.

Obama to Visit Texas for 3 Fundraisers; Not Scheduled to Visit Border

“It’s outrageous to allow a chaotic border situation that harms the entire nation, is it not?”

Watch the Talking Points Memo and a fiery debate between O’Reilly, Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley above.