Costco quickly reversed an apparent decision to pull copies of the new book, "America," by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza from store shelves. Like D’Souza’s new film, “America,” the book discusses American exceptionalism and argues against some of the claims of those on the far left.

Now, the Costco CFO said the book will return to shelves and denied that the books were pulled for political reasons, instead blaming lackluster book sales. “America,” however, is number one on Amazon and on track to become a bestseller.

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On Hannity Tuesday night, D'Souza called it "bizarre behavior" by Costco and responded that their argument about book sales is "preposterous."

"This is clearly a political decision that they made. I think it's because of their alliance with the Obama administration and now they're feeling the heat so they're trying to figure out how to wriggle out of it," he said.

Hannity then laid out examples of Costco getting high praise from President Obama, along with the company's former CEO donating $100,000 to the Obama campaign in 2012. Costco employee donations to the Obama campaign totaled more than $200,000 for 2008 and 2012 combined.

D'Souza says those political leanings shouldn't result in Costco changing how it does business, arguing their customers are from all over the political spectrum.

"The left in this country has so much intolerance that they not only try to go after me through the courts, but they also figure out: let's try to ruin this guy's livelihood, let's try to make sure people don't see his film, let's try to make sure they don't buy his books. And the left is willing to wage that kind of a scorched-earth campaign through a company like Costco," he said.

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“America” co-producer Gerald Molen was also on The Kelly File to discuss Costco's decision and subsequent reversal. He said the situation is strange, since the book was released on June 1 and pulled July 1, coinciding with the release of the film.

Megyn Kelly noted that the former CEO of Costco is a huge Obama donor and asked Molen if he thinks that there’s a connection.

“I see a connection, certainly,” Molen said.

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Costco said the book will return to shelves within two weeks.

“Why wait the two weeks? Why not do it right now? Why not show the American people that they mean what they say? I’ll be suspect until I see it happen, and even then I’ll always be a little suspect of why they did this in the first place,” Molen said.

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