A 12-year-old Nashville boy told Jenna Lee this afternoon about his clever invention that he hopes will help stop parents from accidentally leaving a child in their car. Andrew Pelham came up with the idea when he was in fifth grade and heard a local news story about a woman who had mistakenly left her child in a hot car.

Pelham said the story "inspired" him while he was trying to come up with an idea for an invention contest.

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In the segment above, we got a look at how the brightly colored EZ Baby Saver works. Pelham said one side hooks onto the driver's door, while the other attaches to the back of the seat.

"When you open the car door and get out of your car, you're blocked by the brightly colored EZ Baby Saver and you remember, 'oh, my child is still in the car,'" he said.

Pelham explained that he made it by attaching rubber bands to get the device to stretch without snapping and then "cocooned" it in brightly colored duct tape.

He said he's been receiving messages via email and on Facebook from people who have been making their own.

Pelham has looked into selling the device, but noted that getting a patent is a long, expensive process and he'd rather just spread the word to as many people as he can.

"I'd rather just give it to people. ... It just kind of raises awareness for the problem also. So if you don't even like the idea, it still makes you a bit more careful around your kids," said Pelham.

His dad, Schuler Pelham, said he uses his son's invention in his car when driving with his two younger children.

Watch the interview above to hear Andrew wow Jenna with yet another of his inventions.

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