On Fox and Friends this morning, Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes revealed more tuberculosis infections are being found at camps in Texas that are housing illegal immigrants.

According to Starnes' sources, at least three cases of tuberculosis were found at facility near Austin, while at least four more cases were confirmed in teenagers at a refugee camp at Lackland Air Force Base. He described the situation at Lackland as "far worse."

The disease can spread quickly in tight quarters. Starnes said it's unclear whether these infections are the drug-resistant type of TB, but that strain is said to be common in Central America.

Starnes said his sources have said they could face serious consequences for speaking publicly about what's happening at these closely guarded facilities.

"They say they've been threatened, they say that if they speak to the media they could lose their jobs. They also face arrest. This facility, which some are describing as a summer camp - at least that's the government officials. I don't know many summer camps that are guarded by security forces holding AR-15s," he said.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement, saying if children are found to have a communicable disease or have been exposed to one, they are "placed in a program or facility that has the capacity to quarantine."

Starnes responded by saying that his sources inside the facilities are expressing concerns that this is not happening.

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