The mayor of Murrieta, California is defending protests against the influx of undocumented immigrants being dropped off in his town. Last week, residents blocked buses carrying men, women and children who crossed the border illegally.

This morning on America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer spoke to Mayor Alan Long. He said it’s unclear how many people are being sent to the town, but he anticipates that more people will be arriving there.

Mayor Long commended Border Control officials in the area for being helpful and passing along information as it comes in. On the national level, he said the Department of Homeland Security is keeping him “in the dark,” and he hasn’t heard from California Governor Jerry Brown (D).

Hemmer asked the mayor how he thinks America has reached this point.

“There’s data that in January they anticipated this, yet there was no long term plan,” Mayor Long said, “Whatever we do here in Murrieta, we’re going to maintain the safety of everyone, but that’s just a Band-Aid. If we don’t fix the problem in Washington, D.C., this will just continue to happen.”

He noted that there needs to be a balance between compassion and lawlessness to solve the crisis.

“Everyone wants a fair, efficient and legal process for these immigrants to come in. You can’t just send them all over the county without proper health care, without proper screening. […] They had to unload the bus as they came to Murrieta after traveling from Texas and take them to the emergency room. That’s just not humane or right,” Mayor Long said.

Watch the full interview above.