A new study revealed that most men would rather be in pain than be alone with their own thoughts. Researchers left people alone in a room for 15 minutes with a device that gives off a small electric shock. About a quarter of women compared to two-thirds of men shocked themselves over sitting there.

So are men more sensation-seeking than women? Brian Kilmeade, today’s #oneluckyguy on Outnumbered, weighed in.

“There’s a chance we don’t have anything to think about,” Kilmeade said, adding that being alone is a talent.

Fox News contributor Stacey Dash suspected that most men have “alone issues,” whereas Kilmeade argued that most men are programmed to be productive.

Things took a turn when Sandra Smith recalled another #oneluckyguy, Tucker Carlson, saying that if women knew what men were thinking, they’d never speak to each other again.

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