Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Hannity” tonight, where he said the Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIS, is growing.

Peters also said that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who the U.S. released in 2009, is worse than Osama bin Laden. He explained that the Islamic State group is so brutal that al Qaeda actually broke ties with them.

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“While our intelligence community warned that these guys were coming, the Obama administration was determined to see no evil, as a result of which President Obama’s legacy is shaping up to be […] not just a new caliphate, which is an important thing to devout Muslims, but a terrorist state in the heart of the Middle East. Thank you, Mr. President,” he said.

Peters said we should have tried to kill al-Baghdadi a long time ago, but that “the Obama administration is just so afraid of its own shadow.”

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